1. The applicant confirms that full authority has been obtained from the film maker and its owners or any other relevant bodies prior to submitting the film to the LBFF.

2. DEADLINES - Please observe the following deadlines:
2.1 The FINAL deadline for all film submissions is the 20th of January 2024 via FilmFreeway.
2.2 The Regular Deadline is on the 31st of December 2023 if choosing the Traditional Method (online form). Your form, film and cleared payment must be with us in London by this time. No films will be accepted after the respective deadlines, unless previously agreed with us from London.
2.3 Early bird Deadlin is on the 7th of December 2023.

3. It is the applicants responsibility to ensure that the film, completed form and payment is received by LBFF within the deadline. If this has not been met, then the film will not be accepted.

4. The applicant is 18 years old or older.

5. You can submit your film via our downloadable form on our website or via FilmFreeway.

6. Films submitted to the London Bengali Film Festival (LBFF) must satisfy one of the following categories to be considered.
a) Writer or Director or Producer must be Bengali or have a Bengali heritage (any nationality) OR
b) One of the main characters must be Bengali
c) The story must be set or be about Bengal or an issue affecting the Bengali Diaspora

7. The film does not have to be in the Bengali language.

8. All films with a non-English language must be subtitled in the English language. If the film is in English and with a foreign accent then we may require the film to also have subtitles.

9. Films must have been completed on or after the 20th of December 2020.

10. Films must be 45 minutes or longer in duration.

11. Films can be of any genre or style, including fictional and documentaries.

12. The film must be a UK premiere and not screened publically or commercially anywhere in the UK.

13. If your film is selected, you must provide your film in the DCP format with its own hard drive, any other formats must be agreed by LBFF in writing. You will pay for any costs associated in this respect.

14. If your film is selected you must provide the following details within 14 days of receiving our acceptance email:
a) Press Kit
b) 5 High resolution film stills (Jpegs)
c) Online trailer link
d) Poster minimum A3 size (Jpeg), this may need to be edited if required
e) Director's Bio
f) Director's photo

15. Any costs involved in providing your films publicity material, DCP or any items required by LBFF must be paid for by the applicant.

16. Once your films has been submitted, it cannot be withdrawn.

17. By submitting your film to the LBFF programme you agree to make the film available for screening as per LBFF requirements and that you also agree no payment will be offered if your film is to be screened during the programme.

18. LBFF is under no obligation to provide any feedback to the applicant or any representative for films submitted.

19. One film will be awarded the 'Audience choice award' which will be done on a voting system by the viewing audience during the festival and a second award, The Spirit of Bengal Award is decided by the LBFF team and our decision is final.

20. Other awards will not be available. Full list of awards will be posted on our website

21.LBFF and the Judges decisions are final.

21A. At our discretion we will invite one film maker or film personality from Bangladesh and another from India, where we will provide their flights, accommodation for 4 nights, meals  and transfers. 

22. If your film has been selected then LBFF reserves the right to include your film poster, news, publicity material and clips of your film for the publicity of the LBFF current and future programmes on any platforms existing or yet to be invented without any time limit and without any payment or compensation to the film, applicant or it's producers or owners.

23. The applicant understands that the London Bengali Film Festival is based in London, UK. All decisions are made by LBFF in London. Any confirmation or communication regarding your film submission is done directly with LBFF team in London. Any representatives or colleagues in Bangladesh, India or anywhere else DO NOT have any authority to make any decisions, accept your films, payment or advise you in any manner whatsoever regarding the London Bengali Film Festival.
You may only submit your films to LBFF local agents in Dhaka or Kolkata, ONLY if LBFF have sent you an email conformation to do so.

24. The applicant confirms all clearances from copyright holders for all images, soundtracks and any and all copyrighted materials has been obtained and the applicant also understands that it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure this has been legally obtained before submitting the film to LBFF.

25.LBFF, it's partners or sponsors will not be held responsible for the unauthorised usage or inclusion of any copyrighted materials within or relating to the submitted Film which may be screened at LBFF.

26. The applicant will be responsible and liable for any misinformation, deliberate or otherwise, damages or costs that may arise due to the applicants negligence in honouring the terms in this document or for any copyright infringement.

27. The applicant agrees that the LBFF, it's partners and affiliates will not be held responsible in any shape or form for any issues arising from any negligence by the applicant, the film maker or producers or any persons involved in the film and it's ownership in regards to copyrighted materials or any other disputes in and around the film.

28. If any clearance fees or fees of any kind arise after submission to the LBFF then the applicant fully accepts that this must be paid in full by the applicant to the relevant bodies.

29. The LBFF reserves the right to disqualify any submitted films at any stage if the film or applicant does not adhere to the submission requirements and rules, in which case no refund will be offered.

30. The LBFF has a strict no refund policy. We will not offer a refund in any circumstances, even if your film has been disqualified or not selected.

31. The rules and regulations set in this document supersedes any other rules and regulations or any other communications by LBFF.



We welcome films that are commercial and non commercial, independent and artistic.  Whether they have been made in West Bengal, Bangladesh or any part of the world, even if not in the language of Bengali, but they must fit to at least one of the following in addition to the full rules:

1. Writer or Director or Producer must be Bengali or have a Bengali heritage (any nationality) OR
2. The main character must be Bengali OR
3. The story must be set or be about Bengal or an issue affecting the Bengali Diaspora