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The London Bengali Film Festival (LBFF) is an annual celebration of films from or about the Bengali Diaspora, which is also the largest Bengali film festival in the world, outside of Bengal.

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the 7th London Bengali Film Festival Is Here.

Join the largest Bengali film event in the UK where we invite film makers and the cultural world for eye-opening cinema and now we go beyond London.

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Support Diversity in CINEMA! Support Eye Opening Cinema!

Our programme brings under represented communities to the big screen and a wider audience.

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A brief outline of the festival
Here is the highlights video from the previous London Bengali Film Festival!


Festival summary

A brief outline of the festival
We expect film makers, artists and industry personalities from the UK and abroad for the following:
Day 1 - Opening gala ceremony - with Press and Media, film screening
Day 2 - 3 Film screening, premieres, talks and seminars,followed by an after party - Close
Day 4 - Closing Film screening,followed by an after party - Close



which films?

Here is a general summary of the films accepted
We welcome films that are commercial and non commercial, independent and artistic.  Whether they have been made in West Bengal, Bangladesh or any part of the world, even if not in the language of Bengali, but they must fit to at least one of the following in addition to the full rules:

1. Writer or Director or Producer must be Bengali or have a Bengali heritage (any nationality) OR
2. The main character must be Bengali OR
3. The story must be set or be about Bengal or an issue affecting the Bengali Diaspora